Stor-Oslo Eiendom aquire 25 acres plot

Stor-Oslo Eiendom acquire large residental project plans along Nitelva – Lillestrøm

Stor-Oslo Eiendom have acquired five properties which was handed over on August 30th. Akershus Eiendom was the sell-side advisor in the transaction representing four landowners in a facilitated interdependent agreement.

Skjærvaveien 22-38 will be a comprehensive transformation along the river Nitelva in Lillestrøm Municipality. Warehouses and industrial buildings must give way for residential housing and retail in a new district connecting the downtown core of Lillestrøm and Strømmen.

"This is a Development plot with great potential which suits us well. We will create an attractive residential area for those who demand location combining nature- and urban qualities. Future residents will enjoy a trail right outside their door and the area offers great potential for recreation along the river and at the same time walking distance to public transport hubs, work and retail", according to a statement from CEO Mathis Grimstad in Stor-Oslo Eiendom.

"We believe that the public and politicians expect a development in this area. We will now, together with the municipality, start a zoning process which will facilitate a development of residential area with service and retail" Mathis Grimstad points out.