Rolvsrud Idrettspark - Residential Development

AF Gruppen has entered into a Joint Venture with Wenaas Kapital along with Øie Eiendomsutvikling, Breidablikk Eiendom and Ragde Eiendom acquiring the project Rolvsrud Idrettspark in Lørenskog Municipality, north of Oslo.

Akershus Eiendom acted as the sole agent in the deal, whereas Haavind Lawfirm acted on behalf of the vendors Øie, Breidablikk and Ragde. CLP Lawfirm acted on behalf of AF Gruppen and Wenaas who were invited into the project, signing a third of the equity each, while the vendors jointly will be holding on to a third.

Rolvsrud Idrettspark is located in Skårersletta, just outside Oslo. An extensive zoning plan has recently been approved by Lørenskog Municipality, which involves partial relocation and development of Rolvsrud Idrettspark. The zoning plan enables the development of a very exciting and attractive residential and commercial project.

Today, the area to be developed consists of two land plots and buildings. One of the land plots is owned by Skårersletta 43 AS, whereas the other is owned by Lørenskog Municipality. A pre-emptive right exists where Skårersletta 43 AS can acquire parts of the municipal land plots in order to construct residential dwellings and commercial space. Rolvsrud Idrettspark will be constructed as a cooperation between Skårersletta 43 AS (S43) and Lørenskog Municipality. In addition to the residential dwellings and commercial spaces, S43 will be responsible for construction of the sporting and park facilities, which the Municipality will operate upon completion.